Hand made. Limited and numbered series of 220 units. Professional Musical Instruments dedicated to the Music Therapy, Relaxation, Meditation, Psychology, Hypnosis, Altered States of Consciousness, Trance and/or Entertainment.


Harmonizer Amoenus Sound

La 220Harmonic Scale

MI^2 mi fa# sol# la si do# re# mi

DO432 do mi la si do re sol La#



FA do# re# fa fa# sol# la# do do#



RE fa# si mi re mi fa# la si

SOL sol si re sol si re sol la

Stabilizer Amoenus Sound



Each instrument comes after many months of research and development with different materials, models and dimensions, to the desired sound and exact precision. The heat treatment of metals and wood treatment play an important role in the color of the final sound.

The Idea

The inspiration comes from the observation of the whole, of the harmony around us and how it affects us directly. A very harmonious example is the Solar System, every Planet, every Satellite, all in a movement in a perfect balance and how we really are influenced by these cycles, day, night, the lunar cycle, the seasons, etc. Sounds have their cycles, sometimes more chaotic sometimes more harmonious. What it feels like to hear any sound is directly related to its nature.

The Product

AmoenusSound Professional Musical Instruments offers an unique product of limited series. Each instrument is manufactured and tuned by hand as accurately as possible by the experience of many years in the construction of diverse musical instruments and applying the knowledge gained in the study of Architecture Technical and Engineering.