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Sound Journey

What is a Sound Journey?

A Sound Journey is a transformative experience guided by the therapeutic power of sound. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a state of deep relaxation and inner exploration. Through the harmonious resonance of ancient instruments like Tibetan singing bowls and didgeridoos, the sessions provide a serene setting for rejuvenation, personal growth, and well-being, as well as inner exploration.

Deep relaxation
Tibetan singing bowls
Inner exploration

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Frequently Asked Questions

When a person seeks to disconnect, they can do so in silence or with guidance. One of the available guides is music, which allows one to reach deep states of relaxation.

Tibetan bowls, didgeridoo, among others, are used, which have proven to be very effective in various ancient cultures.

The music lasts from 30 to 40 minutes. The complete session, including preparation and awakening, is approximately one hour.

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased concentration
  • Stimulation of inspiration and creativity

You can book by phone or by sending a WhatsApp.

It depends on the available space; approximately 1 person per 3 m² is recommended. Participants will be lying on a yoga mat.

It is recommended to bring a yoga mat, a blanket, and a pillow or cushion for the head. Participants should be able to lie comfortably for 40 minutes.

Sessions are held in a group in a room provided by the office. It can also be included in a list to be invited to other places, such as yoga studios. Yes, they can be held in your offices.

Yes, whether in a room provided by the company, at the person’s home, or in our own room.


Benefits of the Sound Journey, According to Participants:

Participants describe the experience as extremely relaxing, helping them to release accumulated tensions in the body and mind.

The sessions have helped to reduce nervousness and anxiety, leaving participants more calm and relaxed.

The variety of sounds, from the didgeridoo to the Tibetan bowls, creates a rich sensory experience, with vibrations felt in the body and tones that seem to have consistency in the air.

Some participants feel revitalized and recharged with energy after the session.

The sound experience can lead to deep reflections about life, helping participants to reach important personal conclusions.

The sounds and vibrations not only relax but can also relieve physical tensions, such as neck pains, and improve the mental state, providing clarity and tranquility.

The sounds and the atmosphere generated during the sound journey inspire creativity and new ideas, leaving participants motivated and with a fresh perspective.

The use of different instruments creates an immersive experience, with sounds coming and going, making participants feel completely enveloped.


Client’s support is the Best Reward

I loved the sound of the didgeridoo and the Klangspiel, it was beautiful and very relaxing. I would have stayed longer enjoying a longer concert, very relaxing and inspiring.

Daniela Macé

Before tense/strained, afterwards better. I love the long-held tones. Fascinating how the different instruments were woven together. Thank you.


A very relaxing experience. It was hard for me to concentrate on the music at first because of the thoughts coming and going. Halfway through the journey, I was able to connect more with the music; everything felt like thoughts and feelings. Thank you for the session, I enjoyed it a lot.”